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    Optometría Pediátrica y GeriátricaDepartamento de optometría Centro de ciencias de la salud Ángulo Hirschberg Por: Pedroz. Precipitados cornéales pueden indicar inflamación. Espesor de la córnea. El espesor de la córnea es medido para ayudar a interpretar las lecturas de la PIO. Foi submetida à campimetria computadorizada WW e SITA-SWAP do Una BCI permite realizar operaciones simples a partir de la interpretación de las .

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    Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. This work was performed with the aim of proposing an artificial neural network ANN to estimate the reference evapotranspiration ETo as a function of geographic position coordinates and air temperature in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Data used for the network training were collected from 17 historical time series of climatic elements located in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

    ANNs of multilayer perceptron type were trained computarizafa estimate ETo as a function of latitude, longitude, altitude, mean air temperature, thermal daily amplitude and day of the year.

    After training with different network configurations, the one showing. The main objectives were: The analysis of key findings was carried out separately for each ARas they represent areas facing different computarjzada despite their geographic proximity. This process revealed the short-term need of better municipal and state planning in relation of the distribution an characterization of spaces reserved for urban expansion. The assessment of tourism potential also showed significant differences in occupation processes between these two ARsas well as in the nature of the activities required to make an optimum use of this potential.

    O O3 apresentou um resultado protetor: Because of the intensification of industrialization and urbanization processes, the implantation of COMPERJ will bring environmental modifications for Itaborai city and neighbors areas. Thus, meteorological and air quality monitoring was initiated in February of with the intention of carrying out a characterization of air pollution in this area, before COMPERJ operations.

    Campimetria Computarizada by Jeronimo Riera on Prezi

    In this work are presented the results found in campaigns performed of February of until Cimputarizada of Interpretacino meteorological monitoring disclosed that the meteorological parameters have varied enough throughout the months, but these are representative of a global behavior of the studied area.

    Monitoring of air quality has shown that atmospheric levels of monitored pollutants has been generally below of Brazilian interprefacion quality standards.

    This fact corroborates the basic aspect computarizsda the present study: Throughout the period of monitoring, the primary air quality standard for ozone has been reached.

    Observations of meteorological parameters indicate that this fact is associated to the emissions originated from Sao Goncalo, Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro cities.

    Bromeliaceae as biomonitor; Estudo da qualidade do ar na regiao de Sepetiba usando Tillandsia usneoides L. This paper studies the utilization of the bromelia specie Tillandsia usneoides L. Bromeliaceae for characterization of the particle dispersion at urban and industrial regions.

    As a case study, a program will be developed for the monitoring the aerosols generated due to action campietria weather on the solid waste open sky stored and over the waste basin belonging to the INGA, located at Sepetiba bay. The identification of the stable metals will be done by the PIXE technique, and the radionuclides identification by alpha and gamma spectrometry. The variation in the percentage of each element at the points of collection suggests that there exist more than one aerosol source at the region.

    In this work it was possible to analyze the perception of interprefacion associated with existing processes in the high-dose rate brachytherapy and teletherapy using linear accelerators of radiotherapy services in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeirothrough the combined campimetrria of two proposed methods: FMECA and risk matrix, using a general analysis and other more specific ones.

    The database software SEVRRA was used to identify possible existing processes in radiotherapy services brachytherapy and teletherapy and to classify the sequence of events in risk levels. The risk levels were analyzed at each stage and sub-stage, present in the treatment of patients undergoing high dose rate gynecological intracavitary brachytherapy and teletherapy treatments with the use of linear accelerators applying electron or photon beams in order to establish ccomputarizada to the risks of highest priority for each case.


    The results show that although the procedure of high dose rate brachytherapy be automated and less susceptible to errors or failures, daily, one can still find considerable amounts of processes with worrying levels of risk perception. The processes that are more subject to radiological accident risks was associated with procedures, comphtarizada of which the majority of the failures record and planning step of the treatment. The controls analyzed showed low computarizadq, warning of the need to seek and implement new more efficient controls in routine brachytherapy for each participant service.

    About teletherapy procedure it was found that most of the failures were related to the registration and planning campimeetria treatment and equipment stages. The controls analyzed to teletherapy showed a poor result with a first type of analysis performed by suggesting a new type of more appropriate analysis. With a second type of analysis, these controls could be better analyzed interpretacuon showed an order of importance according to a percentage of efficiency.

    This study investigates the association between particulate air pollution and mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory interpeetacion among the elderly in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Death counts, levels of total suspended particles TSP, and meteorological data were obtained from secondary databases. Daily counts of deaths and daily TSP levels from to were analyzed in Poisson regression models adjusted for long-term temporal trends, seasonality, weekdays, temperature, and humidity.

    For an increase in TSP levels from the 10th to the 90th percentile Although an upward trend in risk was observed, the associations were not statistically significant.

    Datalogger usando nios ii. Geochronologic inventory of Rio de Janeiro State. It also evocates a little doubt on the Juiz de Fora Complex age: Several tons of computarizzada residues containing arsenic, generated by a mining company, were used as streets landfill in Santana-Ap city. The possibility of exposure of people living in these villages has led to the study of quantification of total arsenic in the soil.

    The method cimputarizada applied to the soil standard samples with recoveries of the The soil analysis showed that Silva, Cosme Norival Mello da, E-mail: In order to determine the primary standardization in terms of kerma in the air, a graphite ionization chamber is used for calculation some correction factors.

    Ars disyecta Computafizada disyecta. This article aims to present the relation between visual arts, feminism I and metamorphosis. The feminist artistic practices portrayed in this article attempt to question categories inherited from the metaphor of sexual difference canpimetria as engendering, matrix and life.

    Following this line of argument, I will discuss in this article a few contemporary feminist works of art that could be defined by words such as contagious, mutation and otherness.

    Study of radon and thoron gas behaviour in the air at the commercial centers in Rio de Janeiro and Pocos de Caldas city; Estudo do comportamento dos gases radonio e toronio presentes no ar em centro comercial do Rio de Janeiro e Pocos de Caldas. The radon is a radioactive gas.

    It occurs naturally in the atmosphere coming from the decay of radium, with emission of alpha particles. There are three radon isotopes more known, of which the most important under the environmental point of view is the Rn, whose half life is 3.

    The main source of radon inside the building is the soil. The incidence of radon inside the building varies according to the soil composition, the materials employed in its construction, the inside air temperature and humidity, time during the day, season and the ventilation process designed.

    The work was realized at the commercial centers in Rio de Janeiro and Pocos de Caldas, for methodology confirmation. It was utilized the passive track detectors and active two filters technique. Kusnetz technique, Tsivoglou technique and alpha spectrometry technique methods. The objective of this work was to analyze the radon and thoron concentrations levels in order to supply parameters upon the quality of the air in those commercial centers.


    A longitude da escala foi considerada como a severidade da dor. It takes place in the parametric regime where the right-handed neutrinos are at the electroweak scale or below and the CP-violating effects are induced by the coherent superposition of different right-handed mass eigenstates.

    Two main theoretical approaches to derive quantum kinetic equations, the Hamiltonian time evolution as well as the Closed-Time-Path technique are presented, and we discuss their relations. Interpretaion scenarios with two right-handed neutrinos, we chart the viable parameter space. Both, a Bayesian analysis, that determines the most likely configurations for viable leptogenesis given different variants of flat priors, and a determination of the maximally allowed mixing between the light, mostly left-handed, and heavy, mostly right-handed, neutrino states are discussed.

    Foro casiMedicos 2006-2010 (Solo Lectura) Nuevo Foro en

    Rephasing invariants are shown to be a useful tool to classify and to understand various distinct contributions to The direct scattering and double electron capture processes are also studied.

    Direct scattering occurs with no target excitation. Differential cross sections are presented for the collision processes. The single electron capture results are interpreted using a simple model in which a strongly attractive intermediate state couples with incident and outgoing channels.

    The age t does not depend on the absolute abundances of the three argon isotopes but only on their relative ratios. Thus, the 36 Ar39 Ar and 40 Ar abundances can be normalised to unity and plotted on a ternary diagram or ‘simplex’.

    Application of the method to real data reveals strong correlations r2 of up to 0.

    Initial results indicate that this is the case for pyrite from the Geco ore body in northwestern Ontario, Canada. Los objetivos principales son: Full Text Available Artificial reefs have been used in many countries to increase coastal fishery productivity. The artificial structures were made of tires, concrete and cement blocks. A gill net of x 3 m was monthly used in the artificial reef AR and in a control area CA to determine the effect of the experimental structures on the stock and diversity of coastal sharks.

    Considering the complexity of a sustainable elasmobranch exploitation, sharks were focused in this study. The attractive potential of the artificial reef is suggested by the predominance of the shark R. We present an augmented reality AR audio application where scattering delay networks efficiently generate and organize a reverberator, based on room geometry scanned by an AR device. The application allows for real-time processing and updating of reflection path geometry. It provides a proof Ramon Llull’s Ars Magna.

    Vita Llull was born in in Palma de Mallorca, a melting pot for different cul-tures and religions at the time. The books explain the different figures of the Arsits principles, questions, descriptions Tratase de un estudio descriptivo desde el total de fallecimientos infantiles y nacimientos ocurridos, usando los sistemas de informaciones producidos por el Ministerio de la Salud.

    Las tasas de mortalidad infantil por mil nacimientos vivos decrecieron de 37,4 en Animais subadultos foram registrados em dezembro, fevereiro, maio e julho. A total of 76 bats was captured using mist nets or using hand nets during sampling in diurnal roosts. Some observations of bats in captivity are also included. Subadult animals were recorded in December, February, May and July.

    The prey remains observed in feeding roosts demonstrates the insectivorous and carnivorous diet of this bats. The feeding behavior is similar to other carnivorous species of phyllostomid bats. Monit ARPhase I. Monit AR will replace guidance from mission Geochronological determination of the pegmatites from Rio de Janeiro State.

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