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    Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group (HK) Valuation. 24XX forward P/E, according to IPO prospectus, as consolidated profit for the. Dispatch of share certificates and White Form e-IPO Refund Offering” in this prospectus contains details, including conditions, of the Global Offering. (2) Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited, a company incorporated. CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY GROUP LIMITED. (Incorporated in the Cayman . Enterprises Group, as disclosed in the Prospectus and the.

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    Inthe mass luxury segment in Hong Kong and Macau represented While we have wellestablished business relationships with reputable watch suppliers, including affiliates of LVMH Group, Richemont Group, Rolex group and Swatch Group, these international suppliers of watches among others may reduce or cease their cooperation with us, or they may opt for dealerships or retail arrangements in their own respective names and thereby compete against us.

    Our origins trace back towhen we started engaging in the jewellery business in Mainland China.

    Investor FAQ

    In the event that our competitors react to any declines in consumer confidence by reducing retail prices, our ability to maintain our market share may be adversely impacted, and we may have to intensify our marketing efforts in order to compete effectively. Accordingly, our financial condition and results of operations as well as the growth of our business will be affected to a significant extent by economic, political and legal developments in the PRC.

    Certain such countries, including Myanmar Burmaare subject to economic sanctions imposed by the United States. Such information and statistics have not been independently verified by us, the Joint Global Coordinators, the Joint Bookrunners, the Joint Sponsors, any of the Underwriters, any of our or their respective directors, officers or representatives or any other person involved in the Global Offering and no representation is given as to their correctness or accuracy.

    The market price of our Shares could decline as a result of future sales of substantial amounts of our Shares or other securities relating to our Shares in the public market or the issuance of new Shares or other securities, or the perception that such sales or issuances may occur.

    As at 30 Septemberout of 1, of our self-operated POS were operated as Concessionaire Counters within department stores through concessionaire agreements. Our sales may be affected by seasonality as a result of the event-driven nature of the jewellery retail business.

    In addition, these seasonal consumption patterns may cause our operating results and financial condition to fluctuate from period to period. The implementation of the Labour Contract Law may increase our operating expenses, in particular our costs of human resources and our administrative expenses. We cannot assure you that we will anticipate or respond to changes in customer preferences in one or more of the regions in which we operate. Up to , Shares to be offered by the Selling Shareholder.

    The information and statistics contained in this section have been derived partly from publicly available government and official sources. We have an effective vertically integrated business model that gives us centralised and tight control over our processes, from raw material procurement, design, production and marketing to sales through our extensive retail network. If you are in any doubt about the contents of this prospectus, you should seek independent professional advice.


    No part of our share or loan capital of our Company is listed on or dealt in on any other stock exchange nor is there at present any proposal to do so. What is Chow Tai Fook’s geographical sales mix? In connection with our Reorganisation, we conducted, or were involved in, a series of indirect transfers of equity interests in our PRC subsidiaries. We cannot assure you that the steps we have taken to protect our trade name or trademarks are sufficient or will be sufficient to protect our trade name or trademarks, or that our trade name or trademarks will not be subject to any infringement in the future.

    On what stock exchange are Chow Tai Fook’s shares traded and what is the ticker? If it were determined that any of our transactions violated the OFAC regulations, we could be subject to penalties, and our reputation and ability to conduct future business in the United States or with United States persons could be adversely affected. If we were to lose such personnel, including those from our senior management team, design and production team, or raw material procurement team, or other key employees, or if these individuals fail to devote the same amount of time and effort to our business as they have done in the past, we cannot assure you that we would be able to replace such individual or individuals with new personnel capable of making the same contribution in the near term or at all.

    For example, jadeite procurement and selection require technical expertise that is difficult to find, develop and replicate. Parties Involved in the Global Offering. The obligations of the Hong Kong Underwriters under the Hong Kong Underwriting Agreement are subject to termination by the Joint Global Coordinators on behalf of the Underwriters if certain grounds arise prior to 8: We believe that the sources of such information and statistics are appropriate and have taken reasonable care in extracting and reproducing such information.

    Over the forecast period from togold products are estimated to maintain their leadership position with a CAGR of In the future, we expect that labour costs in the PRC will continue to increase, and, as a result, it may become increasingly difficult for us to maintain the profit margins achieved in previous years.

    Going forward, the retail sales of consumer goods in Hong Kong and Macau is forecasted to grow at an even faster pace with a CAGR of Adverse changes in the economy and periods when discretionary spending by consumers may be under pressure could unfavourably impact sales and earnings.

    We achieved Same Store Sales Growth of As a result, these host department stores may attempt to transfer such increases to us by increasing our concessionaire fees as we seek to renew our concessionaire agreements.

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    As jewellery retailers continue to emphasise growth opportunities in Tier II cities, Tier III io and other lower tier cities, the mass luxury segment is forecasted to experience the strongest growth relative to the industry.


    We make no representation as to the appropriateness, accuracy, dook or reliability of any such information, forecasts, views or opinions expressed or any such publications. No representation is made that there has been no change or development reasonably likely to involve a change in our affairs since the date of this prospectus or imply that the information contained in this prospectus is correct as of any date subsequent to the date of this prospectus.

    Our design ipl, procurement departments and factories employ over 6, employees. Gold prices have increased significantly over the past few years. Consumer survey Below is a summary of the consumer survey outcome with focus on brand awareness and purchase patterns conducted in August in the PRC, Hong Kong and Macau.

    Chow Tai Fook says prices HK IPO at HK$15/share

    Immediately following the completion of the Reorganisation and prior to the Listing, the structure of our Group is as follows: If we are unable to acquire these rights on acceptable terms, or at all, we may be unable to enter these markets using our trade orospectus. Over the forecast period from tothe market prosoectus forecasted to grow at a CAGR of The growth and sustainability of the PRC jewellery market is widely acknowledged to have been and will continue to be driven by event-driven demands.

    It is a customary industry prospedtus to source watches from suppliers of international brands on an order-by-order basis. Subject to the declaration by the Board of Directors and the approval by shareholders as appropriatedividends are paid every 6 months.

    Our ability to do so with respect to Shenzhen and Shunde, both of which are in Guangdong province, could be particularly adversely impacted due to unfavourable changes in PRC government rules and regulations, such as foreign investment policies or tax policies, fookk unrest or the adoption of more restrictive import and export policies in Guangdong province or within the PRC in general.

    On the other hand, should we locate our manufacturing operations in areas of the PRC with lower labour costs, it may be difficult to find employees that meet our requirements in terms of training, experience and technical capability, which could affect our manufacturing operations and our ability to meet customer prospctus. In order to maintain foook current margins, we may be required either to increase our pricing or to locate our manufacturing elsewhere.

    We derive substantially all of our turnover from sales of our jewellery products, which rely on the strength of our brand.

    If our PRC subsidiaries cannot pay dividends due to government policies or regulations, or because they cannot generate sufficient cash flow, pio may not be able to pay dividends, service our debt, or pay our expenses, which may have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

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